Coil Power Supply Progress

13 04 2010

I cut the bus bar to length, and clamped two bars together to get good hole alignment. Then measured and center tapped:

Drilled and mounted:

Wire it up for a test charge. This time we are charging through a 1KΩ 50W resistor network. Everything seems to work as expected.

Wired up the protection diode:



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14 04 2010
M. Simon


14 04 2010
M. Simon

You might want to add an LED across the capacitors. Get a high brightness job and size your resistor for 20 mA at the highest voltage. And get a resistor rated for about 2X power consumed. The LED is just a reminder of high voltage. Good for concentrating the mind.

Say 600 V @ 20 mA that would be 30K (doesn’t have to be exact) @ 12 watts. So use a 25 W resistor.

14 04 2010
Raymond Rogers

That protection diode looks pretty flimsy. Remind me, what is it protecting against? How would you know if it’s working or blown away?

14 04 2010

It’s protecting against kickback from the coils of the polywell. Schematic here:

Here is the spec for the diode:

I have a second one I could install in parallel.

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