Coil Power Supply Update

3 04 2010

Received more capacitors from eBey. Eight total now. The last batch of parts arrive Tuesday the 6th.

Next step is to mount the electronics on an aluminum sheet. Although this is a relatively easy task… it feels daunting somehow. The smallest tasks are often the hardest for me.

Also made progress on the Kickstarter rewards:

Kind of interesting “spending time” with the patrons this way. I took a good look at each address to see the places this project has connected with all over the world. One reward is going to the NYC Google offices!



5 responses

3 04 2010
Knucklehead Smith

Hah! I like that Google bit. 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC would be even funnier.

7 04 2010
Don Cox

Mounting brackets are made to fit those big capacitors. Try Farnell or RS components.

Or, you could take a plank of wood and make holes in it to be a snug fit for each capacitor, then glue the wood to your aluminium sheet.

7 04 2010

I just discovered the capacitor mounting brackets yesterday. I’ll get those.

19 04 2010
John Meacham

You also have something being sent to the google santa monica offices. Via my home address, but I will be sure to bring it into the office to put up on the wall. :)

20 04 2010


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