Available for Hire (Ruby on Rails)

11 03 2010

Did you know I’m a professional Ruby on Rails developer?

I am available for hire, starting immediately.

Talents include:
Ruby on Rails, MySQL, SQL, HAML, REST, Passenger, Nginx, Mongrel, Test::Unit, Javascript, Prototype, AJAX, JSON, CSS, XHTML, Mac OS X, Linux, Git, Capistrano, AWS/EC2, SVN, Normalized Compression Distance, Filemaker, BRL-CAD.

I mastered ROR building Critical Metrics, then I rebuilt GUCCI‘s e-commerce system in Ruby on Rails. I have over 9 years of web application development experience.

I’m very good at solving challenging problems and getting it done (like a boss).

Resume available upon request.

I can work onsite in the NYC area, and remote anywhere in the world.

Contact: famulus.fusion@gmail.com



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