Sydney Plan

8 02 2010

Coil formers: First I must machine a teflon rod on a metal lathe. I have a machinist lined up for this. Teflon rod is at the lab.

Coil electronics: waiting for schematics from Sydney team.

Electron Gun: fabricated. Awaiting second test.

Langmuir Probe: Looking for a suitable HV feedthrough. I need to purchase ceramic tubes. I already have the high voltage divider.

Here is what it would look like:

This setup would use the existing vacuum chamber.


6 02 2010

I’m broke.

But not to worry. I’ve just launched a kickass kickstarter project to fund the building of an open source Bussard fusion reactor:

We are hoping to raise $3,000. The money will be used to replicate the results of the Sydney Experiment.

Be sure to check out the amazing rewards, especially the fusor grid necklaces.

Help me get the word out and make this a big success!

Fusion Run Video

5 02 2010

I’m excited to release a video summary of the most recent fusion run. Produced by science journalist student Olivia Koski:

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