6 02 2010

I’m broke.

But not to worry. I’ve just launched a kickass kickstarter project to fund the building of an open source Bussard fusion reactor:

We are hoping to raise $3,000. The money will be used to replicate the results of the Sydney Experiment.

Be sure to check out the amazing rewards, especially the fusor grid necklaces.

Help me get the word out and make this a big success!



5 responses

6 02 2010
M. Simon

Besides just building the unit what do you hope to learn?

i.e. instrumentation.

I think you would get a better response if you showed your plan. Not a time line – just the steps. What items do you need the money for. Plus progress reports.

6 02 2010

Good points.

The biggest piece of new instrumentation is the Langmuir probe. With this we can begin to see into the plasma.

“Just building the unit” is a considerable challenge, and I’m sure will be instructive in ways I don’t even know yet.

Really the goal is to lean the research tools and procedures of the Sydney Experiment. This will provide a strong foundation for further exploration.

I will provide a plan / itemized expense list shortly.

19 02 2010
Ben Wright

Also, please set up a Facebook page.

23 02 2010

Why does the request for money for building a polywell have a picture of a fusor? You do know the difference between the two, right?

23 02 2010

It’s a step towards building a Polywell. They have a lot in common.

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