Step-up Transformer

28 02 2010

Parts for the coil power supply. Just received a 600v step-up transformer from ebay:

My shop-mate Stuart has a Variac laying around:

Coils Formed

25 02 2010

I received the 18 AWG (1mm diameter) magnet wire today. Now we have actual coils. 10 turns each coil:

Project of the Day

17 02 2010

We are the project of the day on Kickstarter:

Around the Shop

16 02 2010

Today Stuart received a donated two arm SCARA robot and controller:

SRX-340: High speed assembly robot.

The controller is: DRX double arm robot controller.

The equipment is in great shape. The controller turns on, but it seems to be hitting an error with some missing external dependency. Interesting how difficult it is to unlock the value represented by this machine.

We can’t find any documentation on google. If you know details, let us know.

Coil Former Complete

16 02 2010


I plan to replace the screws with stainless steel screws and clean it all in muriatic acid before putting it in a vacuum.

Coil Former Progress

15 02 2010

Did some more work on the coil formers. Stuart and I used the computer controlled milling machine to precisely drill the holes. First we mount the teflon coil former in a chuck:

Then we center the spindle:

Drill the holes:

Next we take some aluminum angle bracket:

Cut them down to size:

Drill the holes:

And tap:


Emergency Stop

14 02 2010

I put together an emergency stop button for the reactor:

This will be positioned a safe distance from the reactor, so you can kill the high voltage from a distance. I’ll wire it up and test it today.

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