Nerd Nite

13 01 2010

I’m giving a presentation on my fusion research at nerd nite this Friday the 15th around 8pm.

Nerd Nite NYC

Galapagos Art Space DUMBO 16 Main Street in DUMBO Brooklyn (F train to York St. or A/C train to High St.)
Friday January 15, 2009 at 7pm (Quizo) and 8:15pm (regular Nerd Nite)
Fusing the Atom and Living to Tell
Description: We have built an open source nuclear fusion reactor and fused the atom. This is the story of a remarkable fusion device called the Farnsworth Fusor and its successor, the Bussard Reactor (aka. Polywell). The Bussard Reactor holds the promise of clean cheap abundant energy from fusion. This is a story of research on the edge.
Bio: Famulus is an entrepreneur, hacker, and rails developer. In 2008 he learned of the Bussard fusion reactor and left the software world to try and build a working Bussard Reactor.



4 responses

13 01 2010
M. Simon

Check your e-mail. I sent you something.

16 01 2010
cristian perte

great way to raise awareness, and possibly get hooked up too :)

What reaction did you get from the crowd afterwards? I hope you mentioned how it is the BIGGEST possible disruptive technology if it works.

More importantly… did the chicks dig it?

check out talk polywell forum Msimon started a thread on NerdNight :)

17 01 2010
17 01 2010

it was really fun. House was packed. I was on for about 20 minutes, which felt like an instant to me. My lab is a few neighborhoods down from the venue… home turf. The place really cleared out after the presentations were finished, which was too bad. My presentation went well… It’s a fun story to tell. I don’t think there is a video.

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