New Copper Coil Polywell on the Scene

25 12 2009

Researchers at the University of Sydney have made a small Polywell device which looks like this:

Powerpoint slides of their research here.

Notice there is no metal exterior on the magrid. As far as I understand… instead of using a magrid with a shell at positive potential (like the WB6 does), they are shooting in electrons with kinetic energy from an electron gun.

This seems like a feasible way to build a copper coil polywell. If the researchers are willing and able to share the details of the experiment, I would explore replicating the device and results. It looks manageable:



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3 01 2010
Tom Ligon

Cute! I’ve been wanting to see the amateur fusion community work with WB devices of this scale. This one is about half the size of WB-2.

It is a nice first step for a low-power device.

3 01 2010
Peter H

Looks like a nice affordable way of building a low voltage polywell device. Arcing would be a problem at higher voltages needed for fusion, but lesser voltage would be enough to study plasma dynamics. I note the spacing between coils is much less than WB-6, which suggests losses at those cusps would be huge.

4 01 2010

When you look at the coil spacing, you can ignore the teflon magrid (I think). So the applicable distance is between the coils themselves.

3 01 2010
M. Simon

You got instalanched:

I sent him a link. Enjoy the traffic.

4 01 2010

Awesome! Thanks M. Simon!

Don’t miss this Q&A I did with Joe Khachan:

4 01 2010
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12 03 2010
Additive Manufacturing

I’m an additive manufacturing specialist and it seems that the Magrid chassis could be manufactured in titanium using a Powder Bed Fabrication system that opperates under vacuum.

Are you interested ?

19 03 2010

Are you speaking of the arcam-ab process?

30 07 2010

the square plastic coil casing on that polywell will cause alot of electron losses.

7 07 2011

What voltages must be used to attain fusion in a polywell. Also, where can a Magrid be purchased?

2 08 2011
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19 09 2012
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