Dielectric Test

10 12 2009

I’ve come to a decision on what to build next.

It will be an inexpensive magrid. Not designed to be fully functional, but rather designed to test several immediate concerns:

1) The dielectric varnish between the coils and the magrid chassis. There will be a 30kV+ voltage difference between the coils and their container. The insulating varnish must be evenly applied to the coils. Varnished coils will be stiff and difficult to install. In an attempt to make the coils easier to install, I’m working on an open joint design like this:

2) Test out welding the magrid together. Can we weld this together without destroying the delicate coils inside?

3) Design first iteration of the standoff.

4) Test liquid nitrogen bath.

The machine would have 2 turns of superconducting YBCO and be made using the inexpensive prometal process as before. It will have thick walls to avoid the sagging we got last time.

I’m still working through the details, but this machine should be imminently build-able.

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