21 11 2009

The 80/20 arrived. I completed some necessary upgrades to the fusor. We now have proper support for the glass insulator on the high voltage feedthrough:

Previously the glass tube was just hanging there waiting to be broken off.


Mounted all the peripheral  electronics:

These upgrades are all about murphy’s law – getting the equipment secured and off the ground prevents an accidental kick from disconnecting wires.

Added a proper mount for the video camera and geiger counter probe:

There was something so satisfying about this particular upgrade. Here is a wide shot of the fusor:

I’ve got plenty of 80/20 left for improvising rigs in the future.



3 responses

22 11 2009

When do you feel you will be ready to attempt the next run?

22 11 2009


22 11 2009

Sometime, when you’re bored, an annotated version of that last photo explaining what all the bits are would be cool!

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