Fusion Run Data Graphs

17 11 2009

Here are graphs from the fusion run. The x-axis is time in minutes.

I used google charts to produce these graphs. This code produces the chart from data in mysql. This code transforms the voltage reading to its corresponding instrument value.

I did a quick and dirty downsampling like this:

resamples = samples.in_groups_of(samples.size/number_of_data_points).map{|slice| slice.average rescue 0}

I’m not certain this is all working correctly, but it seems to add up. One oddity: the voltage drops into the negative; perhaps from disabling the high voltage, I’ll have to confirm that.

This is primarily an end to end test of the data acquisition system.

Hello Internets!

17 11 2009

To clarify: the device we used for the recent fusion run is a Farnsworth–Hirsch Fusor.

Ultimately we want to build and operate a Bussard Reactor (Polywell).

Building and operating the Fusor is a necessary step towards building the Bussard Reactor. The Bussard Reactor is an outgrowth of the Fusor, and the two devices have much in common.

While we build the Fusor, we are also building the Bussard Reactor. We have the first prototype of the magrid, and we are testing the superconducting cable.

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