FIRST FUSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15 11 2009

I’ve been doing trials on the fusor all night. Finally GOT IT. WE HAVE FIRST FUSION. LOOK AT THIS BUBBLE:

I had the Glassman power supply  maxed out, and the deuterium pressure at ~9 millitorr. The plasma was borderline unstable due to low pressure. The focus of the plasma was maximal. There was a sharp uptick in activity from the geiger counter. The limiting factor was the grid kept heating up and glowing red. I had to cool it off to repeat each trial.


This is how it makes me feel:




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15 11 2009
Mike VW

Bravo Famulus! Congratulations! I check your site daily for updates, glad someone is doing something constructive. Thanks! Waiting for the magrid :)

16 11 2009

Now you are truly a fusioneer, It should get better with each run provided you don’t open to atmosphere. If you purge with air make sure its with dry air (through a filter to remove water). water sticks to all the surfaces and takes ages to remove from the vacuum and poisons the fusor as it outgasses. This may be why it took a while to get the first bubble.
Kick some ass.

16 11 2009

Next step will be to make the cooling system, than you can start with the really interesting experiments. Any news for the manufacture of the magrid?


16 11 2009

Congratulations, I remember my first bubble to, so small that only a mother could love it, but it was definitely a bubble :)

16 11 2009

Congratulations on achieving fusion!

16 11 2009


16 11 2009

Excellent! Congratulations! You’re progressing along so fast!

16 11 2009
Vitaly M

Congratulations! Been following your progress from the start.

16 11 2009

At least you know you are playing in the right neighborhood. Sounds like the Glassman is maxed and you are in the market for MORE POWER.

17 11 2009


17 11 2009


This is awesome.
When I first read about your project I thought it was a joke.
The I read the whole blog (took me nearly a day), tried to remember as much as possible from my physics lessons (wasn’t much we started quantum mechanics some weeks ago) and after a while I thought that It might work.
I’ve been following this blog for quite a while now

great job … I wish I had the time/money to start a similar project.
I’m waiting for news about the magrid …


PS: If you ever need C/C++ programmer (plattform doesn’t matter. Unix,Linux,Windows,Atmel AVR …) , just write me an e-mail.

17 11 2009
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19 11 2009

congratulations!!!! I have been interested in fusion power since high school and check this and talk-polywell every now and then.

20 11 2009
M. Simon


Once you have verified your results it might be useful to run a spectrum analyzer on the emissions of your machine. Then design in an RF source to see if it enhances neutron production.

Of course you will have your own ideas.

More and better!

20 11 2009
Brian M

Way to go! Been following your progress for a while now with fascination – admire your ambition and energy! Keepi it up!

21 11 2009

Really appreciate all the support!

6 06 2010
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