-30kV / 10mA

24 10 2009

If you’ve been following me on twitter, you know I received a -30kV / 10mA Glassman a few days ago. Now it’s online and it kicks ass. Current limiting, remote controllable… it’s the second unit from the top:


Here is an air plasma it produced:

With current limiting and good air metering, we can get a stable plasma. I notice you get a sense for the plasma just by _listening_ to the glassman. When the plasma is unstable the glassman softly clicks along with the plasma burst.

Backside, second from top:


To get full manual control, you wire the jumpers like this:


I’ve already had some success remote controlling the Glassman. Looks like I’ll be using digital potentiometers again.

Here is a un-enhanced photo of the plasma… it’s much brighter:


Also worth a mention – the same plasma can appear either blue or purple depending on ambient lighting and perhaps other factors. So we can’t trust the color in the photo without further controls:




One response

25 10 2009


The automatic white balance adjustments in cameras could also screw up the colors if they are used, probably best to stick to one whitebalance setting and use that.

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