14 10 2009

Took another crack at the RGA. Got a lot further this time.

Previously we used the sensor in the flange it shipped in, but this flange did not hold a vacuum.  I removed the sensor:


And reinstalled it like this:

More after the jump.

As you can see from the photo we have a vacuum. Great. Now to wire it all up. The control unit:


The Analyzer:


Setup the PC:


I managed to get the software to see the control unit, and I even updated the control unit’s firmware:

IMG_4288But when I tried to launch the main program (RGA for Windows). I got this error: “The selected RF/Analyser combination does not appear to match the actual RF/Analyser”. We have the following pieces (I noticed the numbers don’t match!):

The analyzer:IMG_4299

The control unit:


In any case, none of these number are in the menu options in the software:


I’ll tackle this tomorrow.



One response

15 10 2009

The message is only a warning, not an error.
In Analogue Scan, pull down “Settings” and select “RF Tuning”
In RF Tuning you should see a selection to “Add new RF/Analyser Combination.
RGA4Windwos can only read the Control Unit Serial #. If it will be the only one connected to this PC, that’s all you need to enter and you won’t get the warning anymore.

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