Deuterium Plasma

13 10 2009

Spent this evening attempting fusion with the Fusor. No bubbles in the detector, but I got these photos of the deuterium plasma:IMG_4278IMG_4277

As you can see it’s a more of a blue color than the air plasma.

The pump is running fantastically… whisper quiet.

I tried for several hours. The main variable is gas flow rate. The more gas, the more current and a brighter plasma.

I may need a higher voltage power supply.

Judging from the reduced PSI of the deuterium bottle, I put a dent in the supply tonight.

All in all it was a good day. Nothing broke. We tool a step forward. I plan to regroup and spend some time working with the air plasma.



3 responses

13 10 2009
14 10 2009

The deuterium plasma should be a red/pink color which makes me suspect you have pump oil backstreaming which will also make it blue or an air leak.

The last pik shows the color.

14 10 2009

Ok. I’m using a brand new diaphragm pump + turbopump, so there should not be any pump oil.

As far as a potential air leak… it’s pulling a deep vacuum 5e-6 torr when I’m not letting deuterium into the chamber so that seems unlikely.

I guess I should take another crack at the RGA to rule out contamination.

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