New Arrivals

9 09 2009

Got the first bubble detector today:


Unfortunately without the pumps it’s all dressed up and nowhere to go. These have a shelf life of 90 days, and must be stored in their airtight cigar case:


I had to purchase 3 of these. Each will ship as the last expires, so I’ll have 270 days of coverage.

Also got two IGBTs today:


These can switch 200A 600V.


Fuji A50L-0001-0260/A


Pretty heavy duty! I expect to use these on the next run with the superconducting magnet to quickly disconnect the power supply from the magnet.



2 responses

14 09 2009

The bubble detectors should last much longer, I have heard of over a year of use. Keep them in the fridge but make sure they don’t freeze.
Good to hear its not the blades. Usually if its the blades it won’t turn at all.
You should possibly get measurable fusion without the turbo.
Run the pump for a few hours first to try and get rid of the water. Run at reduced voltage also helps clean before introducing the d2.

20 09 2009

This is the closest schematic I’ve found for these IGBTs (although not the exact model I have):

Click to access 2mbi200n-060-03_602942.pdf

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