Pump Update

8 09 2009

I spoke with a salesperson from Pfeiffer today. I explained that I though I damaged the rotor on my turbo pump. He quoted about $5,000 to fix that. YIKES!

So I asked him, what is the maximum pressure these turbos can take without breaking. He didn’t know so he transferred me to a tech.

I explained my situation to the tech guy, and he told me there was almost no way I had a rotor problem. He said if I had a rotor problem it would sound like a bag of tin cans when I turned it on… which is does not. He said it’s likely just worn out bearings. SWEET!

So to have the turbo’s bearings replaced and the fore pump’s diagrams replaced would cost about $2,000. Much better. I can do that. On the up side this should provide years of reliable pumping.

Going to get the pump sent out ASAP.

Here are the details on the pump station:

Model: TSU 065 D

PM S03 407

Serial: 12116423


TMU 065 DN 63 CF-F,2P

PM P02 357

Serial: 12113446


TCPC 121

PM C01 475A




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9 09 2009

tracking number 1Z67T4G60391187224

9 09 2009

shipped. 3 week turn around. fucking thing is 87 pounds!

17 09 2009
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22 09 2009
M. Simon

It is also important to look up the compression ratio for light gases (H, D, He) as turbo pumps seldom go above a compression ratio of 300 for such gases. You may need two turbo pumps in series (high volume, low volume, followed by the backing pump) to get the pressure you want.

There is a post or two on that at IEC Fusion Tech.

23 09 2009

M. Simon, here our the compression ratios for our turbo:

N2: 10^10
He: 1 * 10^7
H2: 1 * 10^5


Click to access tmh-u6465.pdf

page 13

What do you make of this?

27 09 2009

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