Featured Fusor

19 08 2009

A college professor once told me that an hour in the library can save ten in the lab. Well now the library is the internet, but the adage still applies. Towards that end, I’ve been reading up on Fusors that have come before. One Fusor in particular stands out:

RTF Technologies’ Mark 3. This thing is incredible. I think it’s the first Fusor ever with a liquid cooled grid.  The engineering is amazing. It even incorporates it’s own heavy water electrolysis and centrifuge. It also sports some novel ion injection technology which pre ionizes the deuterium prior to injection to achieve maximum reaction.  It has a thompson scattering system to measure plasma density at the focal point.

Just amazing. Hats off to Andrew Seltzman!

I’m particularly interested because he has tackled the difficult task of combining high voltage with liquid cooling in his liquid cooled grid. Our superconducting Polywell will face similar challenges.



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