High Voltage Test

23 07 2009

Moment of truth today. Tested out the Glassman power-supply. On the bottom is the Glassman, on the top is the high voltage interconnect, the voltage divider, the ground clip, and a voltage meter.

Pretty simple circuit. Here is the schematic for the voltage divider.

When we fire it all the way up we see it metering at 9.97 Volts, which puts the potential at the high voltage very close to +10kV:


So the power supply works, and we’ve had our first excursion with high voltage. We can measure high voltage at least with crude accuracy. I know that as I progress with this project measuring voltages and currents accurately will be a key skill.

So the last piece of the puzzle. According to the label this Glassman is +/- 10kV :


Currently it’s set to a positive potential… we need negative. There is no front panel switch to reverse the polarity. I hope there is some in the box way to switch to a negative potential.



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