Progress Update

21 07 2009

Deez has returned from a trip to the Dominican Republic for a wedding and solo hike. Sounds like he had an amazing time.  Parts arrived and we made progress today. We cut the ceramic tube on a neighbor’s wet saw:



We tested out the collar clamp. Seems to work. Feels mechanically solid and tightly clamped metal should have good electrical conductivity.IMG_3783

Here is the assembled core connected to feedthrough. Really amazing how many tiny and challenging steps this takes:


The cable for the power supply arrived. I had to cut it down by 5 inches to make it fit mechanically with this unit. Then you stick a brass tack into the conductor. It pushes against a spring loaded contact in the Glassman unit. This cable is essentially a high voltage co-axle cable. The exterior shielding of the cable is grounded to the chassis, and forms a Faraday Cage around the inner high voltage. It appears the cable is long enough to go right into the fusor. IMG_3793

We poked into the RGA unit again, and found we bought the wrong swageloc end cap. We still haven’t found the correct swagelock yet. A separate post on this topic later.

DEFCON / Vegas Baby

21 07 2009

I’m going to DEFCON in Vegas from July 30th to August 1st. My first time in Vegas. You should find me there!

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