High Voltage Power Supply

14 07 2009

So I have the voltage divider. It’s time to test out the power supplies. I have two Glassman high voltage power supplies. The first can do +10KV @ 1mA. This is not directly useful for a fusor which requires a negative potential on the grid. So I got a second Glassman that does +/- 10KV @ 3mA. It’s been sitting around on the shelf, today we take a look:



The first thing I notice is that the HV output connector is basically an empty plastic tube that leads into the high voltage section of the unit. I’m not sure if this correct, or if the unit was damaged when it was disassembled.


Spoke with a tech at Glassman. The connecter is not broken, I just need a special connecting cable to interface with it. $90. Part numbers: opc8u-010 and h-tack-001. Ordering them now. The connection point is 8.625 inches in from the back panel. We may need to trim the supplied cable to match.

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