Finicky Superconductor

5 06 2009

This thread on the Polywell talk forum covers some of the challenges working with superconducting magnets. They are finicky and can quench easily. In summary: SC magnets must be brought up to current slowly; the cleanliness of the power supply is important; field overlaps in SC magnets increases the chance of quench, the Polywell shape will be especially challenging; movement between two charged magnets can cause quench.



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10 06 2009
18 06 2009
M. Simon

You might find this book of interest. If you haven’t seen it already:

Case Studies in Superconducting Magnets: Design and Operational Issues.

And this bit on room temperature superconductors. (so you can dream).

Room Temperature Superconductors One Step Closer

18 06 2009

Thanks M. Simon!

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