Finicky Superconductor

5 06 2009

This thread on the Polywell talk forum covers some of the challenges working with superconducting magnets. They are finicky and can quench easily. In summary: SC magnets must be brought up to current slowly; the cleanliness of the power supply is important; field overlaps in SC magnets increases the chance of quench, the Polywell shape will be especially challenging; movement between two charged magnets can cause quench.

Wolfram|Alpha – Electrical Engineering Walkthrough

5 06 2009

Wolfram|Alpha – Electrical Engineering Walkthrough

High Voltage Feedthrough

5 06 2009

I won this high voltage feedthrough.

Next Steps

5 06 2009
  1. Get lectern bottle of Deuterium.
  2. Connect with advisor for high voltage electrical engineering.
  3. Figure out how to connect deuterium metering system to chamber.
  4. Get bubble detector.
  5. Get rack for electrical equipment.
  6. Ground system to water pipe.

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