Deuterium Handling System

3 06 2009

Just received the deuterium handling system from Brian McDermott’s disassembled fusor. Thank you Brian!




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10 08 2009
Swagelok « Prometheus Fusion Perfection

[…] the 12th at 10am. Hopefully we can fully spec and purchase all the remaining parts for the deuterium handling system, the RGA unit, and possibly cryogenic […]

15 05 2013
Cherd Bud

Wow that bubble detector has the same fluid as my WettBetty does. Looks exactly the same. This guy probably got attached to the movie Manhattan project and short circuit and batteries not included like I did. My problem is after I understood the Arduino, I didn’t take it any further. But glad to see something from arduino status to this. It’s making me break it out back out and get the bread boards laid out again. I love how inspiration can come from just about anywhere now days. He’s on the right path. And because his will to succeed is strong and his passion flows from the very vestibule from which his experiment stands, he will exceed and prove that anyone from any background with pure out right determination, can and will achieve monumental breakthroughs and become a page in the history of science rather than a footnote. TY for all your work. If more people of the world quit putting the Snooki’s and pitts and jolie’s on a pedestal and replaced them with people like you, we would be much better off and closer to fixing the planet and ourselves instead of destroying it.

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