Day One

3 06 2009

What a day.

First off, we have achieved FIRST VACUUM. Connected the small chamber to the pump. So far I’ve got it down to 3e-7 torr and dropping steadily, which gives us a green light for the Fusor:


We had an initial false start which was caused by poor connection on the last conflat to be connected. The last flange is always the hardest because there is more weight on the system. The setup is pretty precarious, and only serves to check first vacuum.

Secondly, Deez successfully fabricated the fusor core:fusor_core

Here is a time-lapse of day one:



One response

18 06 2009

That’s really awesome, I like the idea of the time-lapse lab video. It might be a good idea to use some large flexible metal vacuum hoses if you want to test connecting lots of bits of vacuum kit together without having to align them all perfectly.

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