Progress Update

30 06 2009

Deez and I were in the lab yesterday. We got new tanks for our oxyacetylene rig, and thinner bronze brazing rod.  We completed brazing the outer grid, and attached a lead to the inner grid. I’ve got ceramic insulating tube on order at Mcmaster. Next step is attaching the inner grid to the high voltage feedthrough – this presents some mechanical and electrical challenges.

High Voltage Divider

26 06 2009

Just purchased this Model V1G high voltage divider. This device divides the input voltage by a factor of 1000, so we can measure high voltage with a regular multimeter.


26 06 2009

I’m currently traveling around the east coast visiting family I haven’t seen in a long time. I’ve bought my ticket out to toorcamp, and will be heading out on June 30th. I’ll be posted at notacamp.


26 06 2009

Shout out to vernes for a $20 donation today.

Outer Grid

18 06 2009

Made progress today on fabricating the outer grid:


New Graphic

17 06 2009


New business card:


Photo Triggering

16 06 2009

The Camera Axe may be useful for capturing images (or otherwise triggering meters/instruments) for brief events. For example in the pulsed operation mode of a copper coil polywell.

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