Progress Update

30 06 2009

Deez and I were in the lab yesterday. We got new tanks for our oxyacetylene rig, and thinner bronze brazing rod.  We completed brazing the outer grid, and attached a lead to the inner grid. I’ve got ceramic insulating tube on order at Mcmaster. Next step is attaching the inner grid to the high voltage feedthrough – this presents some mechanical and electrical challenges.

High Voltage Divider

26 06 2009

Just purchased this Model V1G high voltage divider. This device divides the input voltage by a factor of 1000, so we can measure high voltage with a regular multimeter.


26 06 2009

I’m currently traveling around the east coast visiting family I haven’t seen in a long time. I’ve bought my ticket out to toorcamp, and will be heading out on June 30th. I’ll be posted at notacamp.


26 06 2009

Shout out to vernes for a $20 donation today.

Outer Grid

18 06 2009

Made progress today on fabricating the outer grid:


New Graphic

17 06 2009


New business card:


Photo Triggering

16 06 2009

The Camera Axe may be useful for capturing images (or otherwise triggering meters/instruments) for brief events. For example in the pulsed operation mode of a copper coil polywell.

RGA setup

9 06 2009

Gearing up to try out the Residual Gas Analyzer . Waiting on some Swagelok end caps and coaxial cable. The computer system is setup with the RGA software installed. All the physical parts are connected.  I’m reading through the manual.


Finicky Superconductor

5 06 2009

This thread on the Polywell talk forum covers some of the challenges working with superconducting magnets. They are finicky and can quench easily. In summary: SC magnets must be brought up to current slowly; the cleanliness of the power supply is important; field overlaps in SC magnets increases the chance of quench, the Polywell shape will be especially challenging; movement between two charged magnets can cause quench.

Wolfram|Alpha – Electrical Engineering Walkthrough

5 06 2009

Wolfram|Alpha – Electrical Engineering Walkthrough

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