Bourdon Gauge

30 04 2009

I ordered a Bourdon Gauge so I can see what’s going on in the chamber before the ion gauge is in range. Stuart tapped a conflat for me in preparation:



30 04 2009

It appears the chamber is not holding a vacuum. The pump and gauge check out (see previous post). But with the chamber attached, I can’t even get down to 5e-2 torr (the top of the gauge’s range) after running for over an hour. So Houston, we have a problem with the chamber.

F*ck me.

Also f*ck WordPress for blocking posts with the word f*ck. What are you? my f*cking nanny?

Sanity Check

30 04 2009

Before I proceed I want to check that the pump is pulling a hard vacuum and the gauge is working. I connected the gauge to the pump directly (no chamber):


Here is a time-lapse of the run:

You can see we get down to ~ 6e-7 torr in about 45 minutes. So suffice to say the pump and the gauge are working just fine. Which brings us to our next post…

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