Loss of Electrical Resistance

22 04 2009

These photos show the drop in electrical resistance when you pour liquid nitrogen on the YBCO. Here is the before at 1.3 ohm:


After liquid nitrogen:

ohmsAs a point of reference, the lowest the meter goes when the clips are connected together is 0.5 Ohm.

Frost forms from the extreme cold:




5 responses

23 04 2009

*NEGITIVE* 1.8 ohm? How is that even possible — either the coil is acting as a generator, or your meter is broken?

23 04 2009

I’m guessing it’s just not zero’d correctly.

23 04 2009

Stuart says that these meters are only accurate to 12 ohms or so.

26 08 2012

It is like a percentage.. No meter can be 100% accurate. We know (at least theoretically) that resistance is zero. The meter might show different values, and even show variations in time. Polymeters (the tool he was using) usually have tolerances of +/- 15 ohm. Wich is very good for the use they are designed for.


11 10 2012

It just indicates there was a charge build-up and thus a little current flowed in the opposite direction. Next time, short the cables together when you pour the liquid nitrogen on, and keep them that way a short while until the temperature is somewhat stable, and then connect up your DMM.

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