Loss of Electrical Resistance

22 04 2009

These photos show the drop in electrical resistance when you pour liquid nitrogen on the YBCO. Here is the before at 1.3 ohm:


After liquid nitrogen:

ohmsAs a point of reference, the lowest the meter goes when the clips are connected together is 0.5 Ohm.

Frost forms from the extreme cold:


Superconducting Levitation

22 04 2009

Finally got a good photo of superconducting levitation produced by the Meissner effect (the white disk is a tiny magnet):


Grid Update

22 04 2009

I sent in the STL of the grid shown previously to Prometal for a quote. Unfortunately it can’t be made as designed:

We feel that you could expect warping up to about 1/8.”  We also think that we may have some breakage as well.  Unfortunately, this part is not a good fit for our process.

Going to go with TeslaBoys design. He sent me the DWG files for the lasercut inner grid. However, the current design needs some tweeking:

The problem with the design is that the rings intersect at angles so the grooves need to be cut at an angle, but you cannot do that with a (2) axis laser so you have to grind or machine the angles into the grooves.

The improvement is to make the grooves wider based on the angles that the other rings intercept it.  I have not sat down and worked out the geometry, but it is worth it because machining the angles into the narrow grooves was very time consuming and tedious.

I’m also going to attempt to make a cruder version out of welding wire.

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