Glassman Power Supply

15 04 2009

Just spoke Glassman High Voltage about my powersupply:


This unit was made in 1988 (serviced 1991) for Eastman Kodak for testing CRT monitors. Original list price $2500 ($4,495 in 2009 dollars). I guess this makes sense that it’s useful to me considering Philo Farnsworth invented both the Fusor and Television. Both use high voltage. Due to a softening of demand in the semiconductor industry, Glassman’s plant is unfortunately closed until April 20 2009. My contact there can’t access the full documentation for the unit until he returns to the plant next week.

This unit on it’s own can produce only +10KV @ 1mA using the focus output (ie the focus would normally be attached to the part of the CRT that focuses the electron beam). This would still be useful for charging the mega capacitor, up to 10KV at least. We don’t know if this unit can be run alone. It may require the anode power supply. We’ll find out next week.

The manual appears to be hand typed with actual blueprints for the schematics:


He mentioned that the EH Series might be ideal for our purposes.



2 responses

15 04 2009
M. Simon

You should figure out a way to copy the schematics. Blue prints fade over time when exposed to light.

27 07 2009
Glassman Update « Prometheus Fusion Perfection

[…] to the manufacturer to be converted to a negative potential and refurbished. I also tested out the second Glassman. It turns on, but I was not registering the expected voltage from the FOCUS […]

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