10 04 2009

I’m toying with idea of buying this decommissioned MRI to extract it’s superconducting cable. I’ve spoke with a few people at Philips to gauge the feasibility of the idea. So far nobody knows. Extreme recycling.



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24 04 2009

Salvaged copper coils from transformers would be burned to remove the insulation:

Dielectric Varnish:

Click to access cz202r.pdf

The melting point of copper is 1084.62 °C, Niobium-titanium is ~2000° C. So cook the MRI coils at 900° C, then possibly use ultrasonic cleaning to remove the varnish ash. I wonder what kind of furnace you could use for this?

The superconducting magnet on an MRI is the outermost coil just after the cryo-chamber

We could do a trial run with a small electric motor.

I’ve been trying to get a hold of someone at phillips to get details of the packaging of the superconductor cables. No luck so far.

22 05 2009
M. Simon

I believe an MRI is made up of 6 epoxy impregnated SC coils. It is probably impractical to salvage the SC wire from them. OTOH if you had a big enough vacuum chamber….

You might find tis of interest:

No matter your level of success you are definitely helping move things along with your ideas.

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