10 04 2009

I’m toying with idea of buying this decommissioned MRI to extract it’s superconducting cable. I’ve spoke with a few people at Philips to gauge the feasibility of the idea. So far nobody knows. Extreme recycling.

Mystery Tube

10 04 2009

What is this yellow tube for, and do I need to worry about it?

The docs say:

The pumping station is fitted with air cooling which can be used for ambient temperatures up to 35 °C as standard. Conversion to water cooling is possible if required (water cooling on request).

Does this mean air cooling is included in the unit? Or do I need to attach an air pump (presumably to that yellow tube). What kind of pump/fan would I use?

There is a large fan pointed right at the base of the turbopump. I think that’s the built in air cooling. Also I wonder what the electronic component is just before the yellow tube.

Based on these docs, I think it’s a “Venting Connection”. But what is that? It’s seperate from the “Fore Vacuum Flange”


Talked to the maker of the pump (very helpful). Basically that tube is used when you want to re-pressurize the chamber. Sometime people use nitrogen for re-pressurization so water vapor doesn’t enter the chamber.

He said not to use the heater w/air cooling  (the heater is for bake-out of the pump). And he said to check the oil packet prior to use, which I’m doing now.


The oil packet gets a clean bill of health from the manufacture, this pump is ready to rock:


Vacuum Chamber Time Lapse

10 04 2009

Last night I took a double espresso, and got down to business setting up the vacuum chamber. I’m removing the top portion of then chamber, elevating the chamber, and connecting the pump. All the connection are dry (without gasket) until I’m comfortable the setup is correct.

Here is a time lapse video of the transformation (made with TimeLapse for iPhone):


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