YBCO Superconducting Cable

8 04 2009

Very exciting. The YBCO arrived today. This is what $1,105.00 worth (13 Meters) of  insulated YBCO superconducting cable looks like:ybco3

The ribbon itself is very very thin and flexible. Much more flexible than I was expecting.  Here is a close up of the ribbon:


That’s just some scotch tape at the end.

The lead time for this YBCO is about 3 months. So you really have to order in advance.

Today I plan to order the first prototype of the chassis.

Also going to get the dewar flask filled with some liquid nitrogen and attempt to build a superconducting coil!

While we’re on the topic of superconducting cable. Would it be possible to buy a used MRI machine and extract the superconducting cable? Even if this is possible, it would be using low temp superconducting cable, which of course requires both liquid helium and liquid nitrogen.



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6 12 2009

what did you pay for that ?

6 12 2009


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