First Donation

5 04 2009

Prometheus Fusion Perfection just received it’s first donation!

$5.00 donated anonymously.

This means the world to me. In the age we live in, mountains can be moved in increments of $5.00. Keep it coming!

Click here to lend your support to: decawell and make a donation at !



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5 04 2009

Two things you might think about regarding your request for funds. First, ALWAYS name the goal and what you can achieve with it. Second, allow a pledge like “I will donate $1000.00 if XYZ happens”.

5 04 2009

What’s the goal?

The truth is, I wasn’t going to set this goal until AFTER I’d built and tested the first core. But this first donation brings it up.

I think the goal should be:

$15,000 for enough superconducting cable to match the WB6’s B-field strength, but with constant operation (or much closer to it).

The 13 Meters of superconducting cable shipped from germany a few days ago. From there I will attempt to complete a fully functional Bussard reactor.

I think I have funds enough for this first attempt at the superconducting core. If I can demonstrate a working superconducting prototype with the parts I’m assembling now… even with a tiny B-field. That would really be something.

If I can build that, and demonstrate it. I think it would be pretty easy to drum up $15K. I’ve raised that many times over in my career for much less promising projects.

What do you think would be a good pledge?

6 04 2009

I’d be more comfortable using paypal directly. I was a bit confused by the Pledgie page – what pledge am I supposed to make? What’s the advantage of using Pledgie over paypal? Is it some kind of service for making a donation only if some goal amount is collected? If so, why isn’t the goal amount visible anywhere?

6 04 2009

I can add a direct paypal link too. No problem.

6 04 2009


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