On it’s side

28 03 2009

Stuart suggested turning the chamber on it’s side:


This would require a custom stand, but that’s easier to do than custom vacuum equipment. This also would require an adapter from the turbo pumps flange to the 10″ conflat (likely ~$500)

Also, not sure if the two 27″ OD ASA(rubber) flanges would work as well without the assistance of gravity. I image this setup would require a shipping strap when not under vacuum.

Also having a rounded bottom makes mounting things more difficult.



2 responses

29 03 2009

if you turn it on its side, do you need to use the hexagonal top section? And if there is no top, I would think the 27″ blank wouldn’t need a flange.

29 03 2009

no, you do not need the hexagonal section.

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