Stop the Press

28 03 2009

Never Assume. 

So today I actually removed the top hexagonal part of the chamber from the bottom cylenrical part, and guess what I found.

The gasket on the lid is a different diameter than the gasket on the bottom cylender. Which means…

We can place the lid on the cylinder and it might just work.


Also 100th post!

Pump System

28 03 2009

Just won this Pfeiffer Balzer Turbo Molecular Pump TSU 065D PMS03407

On it’s side

28 03 2009

Stuart suggested turning the chamber on it’s side:


This would require a custom stand, but that’s easier to do than custom vacuum equipment. This also would require an adapter from the turbo pumps flange to the 10″ conflat (likely ~$500)

Also, not sure if the two 27″ OD ASA(rubber) flanges would work as well without the assistance of gravity. I image this setup would require a shipping strap when not under vacuum.

Also having a rounded bottom makes mounting things more difficult.

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