Catalog of Portals

24 03 2009

List of all the portals on the chamber:


5 X 4.5″ OD Conflats. All covered with viewport covers (which are opaque from deposition)

4 X 2.75″ OD conflats. 2 with blanks, 2 exposed.



6 X 14″ OD ASA female gasket portals with threaded holes. 4 covered with blanks, 1 has a gate connected, and 1 is exposed.

24 X 2.75″ conflats. 6 covered with viewports, 16 with blanks, 1 with a dial, and 1 exposed.



12 X 2.75″ Conflat portals. 4 with blanks, 4 exposed, 3 with gas feedthoughs, and 1 feedthrough for vacuum guage (I think).

1 X 10″ OD Conflat with clearance bolts. Covered with blank.

1 X 16″ OD ASA portal with clearance bolts. Covered with blank.



2 X 14″ OD ASA male portal cover each with 2 X 4.125″ holes in it.

14″ OD ASA male portal cover with a 6.25″ hole in it with a female ASA gasket ring.

12″ OD ASA female portal cover.



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