Vacuum Chamber Update

20 03 2009

Today was my first full day in the lab. I’m filthy and exhausted. This project is physically demanding. It feels great.

Spent the day working on the vacuum. 

First off, I realized that the chamber can split in two. So the hexagagonal top can be removed from the cylindrical botton. This has the same 27″ rubber gasket as the lid.  This opens up the possibility of just removing the top and using only the bottom cylinder. I think it would still be enough space for the experiment, and would eliminate many potential leak/outgassing sources. However, both the lid, and the bottom cylinder have gaskets, so the current lid could not be used. But any flat thick piece of stainless would do.

I unpacked the extra flanges, and found blanks for all the large ports but one:



I also realized that the gate valve was not where the pump was connected, but rather used for inserting and removing compact disks from the chamber. Now I’m thinking the pumps connects here:


And speaking of the pumps, the turbomolecular pump I currently have must be used standing up. This means I cannot connect it to the chamber without a huge elbo. I’m going to price that out, but might re-bay the current pumps and get one that can go sideways. Watching these auctions:




I was able to remove the remaining machinery from the bottom of the lid:

lid The cryopump arrived. It’s bigger than I expected.


Also got the Glassman powersupply:




2 responses

22 03 2009
Vik Olliver

Could you not get a smaller adaptor made up and attach the pump to one of the top portals?

Vik :v)

23 03 2009

Hey Vik!

Not with the current pump. The pump would be pointing down, not up.

Also I think it would be pretty awkward to have the pump attached to the lid.

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