18 03 2009

Today’s TODO list. 

  1. catalog portals
  2. purchase missing portal covers (blanks, view portal, HV feedthrough, gas feedthrough)
  3. are any of the portals conflats?  YES. all the smaller portals are conflats.
  4. Purchase rough pump  rough pump
  5. remove guts from lid
  6. clean chamber
  7. what’s the deal with the vacuum meter (supposedly one came with chamber). Only measures down to 10e-3 torr.
  8. get controller for turbomolecular pump 
  9. get oil for turbomolecular  pump
  10. try to attache turbomolecular  pump to chamber need to get a new pump or a huge elbow!



2 responses

18 03 2009

so, i figure you wont use your cryopump as a cold trap?

19 03 2009

I haven’t actually received it yet, and I suspect it’s not what i need.

Going to start with turbo + rough pump.

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