18 03 2009

Just confirmed: All the smaller portals on this vacuum chamber are ConFlats!




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18 03 2009


18 03 2009
A. McEvoy

Excellent, I think you have a real shot at making this thing into a UHV chamber yet!

Just to confirm: is the top 27″ lid the only rubber gasket seal on the chamber?

18 03 2009

The top 27 ” is rubber as well as five ~16″ portals around the top. And one 16″ portal on the bottom.

Seems the easiest thing to do would be to weld on conflat pairs (conflat with a bore + blank confat) for each of the five 16″ portals around the top.

18 03 2009
A. McEvoy

Welding on new parts would probably block the already-tapped screw holes in the chamber, which would be unfortunate. I still think checking into machining CFs is worthwhile and could give you a wider range of options.

19 03 2009

What advantage was there in having mixed o-rings and conflats in the original application?

19 03 2009

It seems like the more permanent portals are conflats, and the ones they frequently open are rubber. Which kinda makes sense, since conflat gaskets are one time use.

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