Vacuum Quality

14 03 2009

Reading this page on what it takes to make fusion with a fusor, I noticed this bit:

A vacuum pump capable of reaching pressures of 10-3 Torr (1 micron Hg) or deeper. A 2-stage mechanical pump is usually good enough. Lower pressures require oil diffusion or turbomolecular pumps in addition to a mechanical pump.

This seems to indicate that fusion is possible even with a 10-3 Torr vacuum. 

With this is mind I’m going to move forward with using the chamber with the current rubber gaskets. I may be able to get as low as 10-6 torr, which should be good enough to begin research, and maybe create fusion.


Although 10-3 torr IS good enough for the fusor, the polywell requires the full 10-8 torr. See comments.

Turbomolecular Pump

14 03 2009

The Turbomolecular Pump arrived. I wonder if this will have any problems running on it’s side. It looks like it’s designed to be in a upright position.


The underside. You can see an oil reservoir. The unit is covered in oil. I supposed I should refill the reservoir with fluidimg_3335The exhaust portal is bent out of shape:img_3329

3 pin interface. I wonder if I could program an Arduino + a PWM board to be a controller. 

img_3332The input:


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