New Arrivals

1 03 2009

Specs: OD 6+ @ 690-1300 nm, OD13 @808nm specifically. For when you have gratuitous amounts of energylaser_goggles



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2 03 2009

I thought what you were doing was cool before I knew you watched picnic face! Now I know your vacuum chamber is made of biceps!

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I’m reasonably useful with the Sanguino and general kluging, duct taping and application of bailing wire.


2 03 2009

Jake, I could definitely use help getting my reprap running. It’s completely assembled. The individual tests for the stepper motor and optos work correctly. But when I try to tie it all together and print a part…. the thing goes completely berserk.

3 03 2009

I haven’t built a reprap yet, and have been using the Sanguino to build a three phase inverter.

Sounds like you have a feedback or an induction problem. You could have a ground loop causing problems, or feedback from the stepper motors.

Are you using the standard reprap wiring diagrams? Let me spend a bit of time looking at the reprap diagrams and I’ll see if anything jumps out as potentially problematic. Out of curiosity, what stepper motors are you using?

3 05 2009

What you are doing looks pretty cool.

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