New Arrivals

22 02 2009

Just in: An eeePc and replacement water pumps for the laser from Hong Kong. I got the eeePc because I wanted a dedicated Ubuntu machine. I couldn’t get Ubuntu installed on my old mac. I’m going to see if I can now get the reprap host software running. Also going to try installing SciLab.






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22 02 2009

Although I’m leaning towards using a proper programming framework (even easier and faster: ipython, scipy, traits…), I did succesfully install scilab on ubuntu:

See for ubuntu/debian packages.

26 02 2009

Nice – I’ve got an EeePC 401, which I was planning on using as my RepRap host, but I could never get it to print reliably. Using the default OS, or EeeUbuntu, or the RepRap DVDv0.6, I always had issues with pausing between gcodes.

Your Eepc looks newer and faster, so it’ll probably work a bit better. There’s a USB instal of the host software here:

It’s new and untested, but it might get you started.


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