Fire the Laser!

13 02 2009

Today we will fire the danger laser! I have the plumbing for the water cooling working. For this we take a field trip to my friend Stuart’s shop. He has 240V mains and a variable power supply. Here are the lasers:


The labels are a bit ambiguous for the electrical connection. Is the chassis the anode, and both leads on the top the cathode? I think this must be the case. Poking around with an electrical multimeter, I find there is almost no resistance between the two terminals on top. But when you test between the either of the terminals and the chassis you get a different resistance depending on the direction of the test, which is from the diode’s electrical bias.



We will be testing these current limiting power supplies (originally from NASA)


Here is the full setup.


Bucket of distilled water for the heat exchanger (we must have run this at too high a voltage, you can see it melted a little):img_3234

And the verdict? Success! Here is a video of the setup, and a video of the trial run.img_3236

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