5 02 2009

This just in from the United Kingdom: Three Badass water cooled power supplies from a decommissioned Cray supercomputer


From the auction details:


Brown Applied Technology high power switched-mode PSU with PFC (Power Factor Correction).  This power supply was developed for use in demanding computer applications where performance and reliability are of utmost importance.  

Key characteristics of this PSU are the extremely fast load response and small voltage deviation.  The unit is fitted with a water cooled base plate and a double-sided “spade” style output connection.  It is possible to remove the base plate and replace with an air cooled heatsink.

Please note:  Ex-equip, good condition.  BUT some surface corrosion (mildew) from storage.  Clean on the inside, it’s just the outer casing that is affected.  Removed from a Cray super computer.  Supplied with pin-out for front-panel control/interface connector.  Tested, good working order, not DOA.


Applications could include:

High power laser diodes, Battery charging, Heating, Spot welding, electroplating.

If you need more than 3.3V, you can put two of them in series for up to 6.6V, or four for 13.2V !



Output voltage:  3.3V (adjustable)

Output current:  400A

Slew rate 200A/uS (80% step)

Step response <70mV for 320A step

Auxiliary output: 12V 0.6A

Input voltage:  200-240V, 50-60Hz, PFC

Input current 12A

Remote sensing

Remote enable

Water cooled base plate fitted

Weight:  8kg









Look at the size of that power out bar. And here is the pinout: 


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