Reprap Gcode Gotchas

19 01 2009

For some reason, for my reprap to work I had to plug my min opto end stop in to the max port on the stepper motor controller. So for other reprap’ers out there whose symptoms include: normal response to Gcodes, except for motion towards the min opto-endstop, for one or more axes, try inserting the min opto into the max opto port on the stepper controller. Makes no sense, but bam there it is. 

I also had to invert my opto-endstops by setting this in _init.pde:


I spent days struggling with these idiosyncrasies, hopefully this post will save someone else the same trouble.

Also remember to set the baud-rate to 19,200



3 responses

19 01 2009
M. Simon

If the opto was indicating you had reached the end stop only motion in the opposite direction would be allowed. And when you got to that point the indication would still be: end point reached – so no motion in that direction still.

30 03 2009

I have searched about the word “stepper motor” and you blog appeared to me.
where can I read about stepper motor in details in your blog?!

30 03 2009

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