23 11 2008

This project has the best bugs. What other projects produces Dali-esce deconstructionist works of art when you fuck up your code?

soft deconstruction with baked beans:

deconstruction with soft baked beans

New Calculations

23 11 2008

Based on the new coil winding calculations, I am going to slim down the coils to hit a target of ~200 wraps. Now the coils appear to be proportioned like the coils on the WB6. Here is what the adjustment looks like:


  • coil_length: 116,309.299858263 mm
  • outside_radius: 242.487113059643 mm
  • wraps: 225
  • torus_midplane_radius: 192.693468865964 mm
  • donut_exterier_radius: 107.8 mm
  • torus_radius: 84.0 mm
  • donut_hole_radius: 60.2 mm
  • torus_tube_radius: 23.8 mm
  • torus_tube_hollow_radius: 18.802 mm
  • joint_radius: 16.66 mm
  • joint_negative_radius: 5.831 mm
  • torus_tube_wall_thickness: 4.998 mm

Next we will calculate Forces_between_two_magnetic_dipoles, and Power_dissipation of the coils in the form of heat. This will give us some idea of the tensile strength and temperature envelope of the device.

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