16 11 2008



This iteration of the design is nearly ready for rapid prototyping. The chassis walls are thicker, and there is more room for the coils. Also the joints are hollow now, so the coils can be wired together. Specs:

  • outside_radius: 242.487113059643 mm
  • torus_midplane_radius: 192.693468865964 mm
  • donut_exterier_radius: 107.8 mm
  • torus_radius: 77.0 mm
  • donut_hole_radius: 46.2 mm
  • torus_tube_radius: 30.8 mm
  • torus_tube_hollow_radius: 25.564 mm
  • joint_radius: 21.56 mm
  • joint_negative_radius: 7.546 mm
  • torus_tube_wall_thickness: 5.236 mm


Here is the corresponding array of 12 lids:




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