The Core

20 10 2008

The Polywell reactor has a core. This is the core of WB6 from EMC2:





This is what it looks like opened up:



the core exposed

the core exposed, you can see the coils of the electromagnet


So lets start by modeling the shape of the core. To make it more interesting, we’ll use the truncated dodecahedron. Supposedly the truncated dodecahedron has advantages over the truncated cube:


Truncated Dodecahedron

Truncated Dodecahedron rendered by ephi


This is a simple dodecahedron:




To find the midpoint of the dodecahedron’s planes, we can use the Icosahedron:



So now we can generate a torus at each of the vertices of the Icosahedron, orthogonal to the line connecting the vertices to the origin. But first lets take a look at some of the tool and technologies we might use.



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