The Big Idea

20 10 2008

The truth is, I don’t really understand the physics of the Polywell reactor. Fortunately I’m not alone. An often expressed sentiment on the forums is that you really need to “build it and see”. I couldn’t agree more. 

So I will attempt to build it. 

How do you build a device when you don’t understand the principles of it’s operation?

Trial and error.

Now you won’t get very far with trial and error if you are making a handful of attempts. But you _might_ get somewhere if you are making a large number of attempts. I’m suggesting applying brute force to the problem.

What this means in practice is a fully automated fabrication and testing cycle. Computers and robots will fabricate, assemble and operate all of the candidate reactor designs. This approach would allow for the fabrication and testing of a large number of reactor designs, potentially in parallel.

Essentially I am describing finding the solution using an evolutionary process. Although the candidate reactor designs can come from human designers or from genetic algorithms.

Now, this all sounds pretty expensive no? I’m sure it will be! So how does a broke loner like me make any progress?

Turns out quite a bit can be done in the pre-production that doesn’t cost money, although is does cost time (lots of it).

It all starts on the computer.



One response

6 10 2009
Steven Sesselmann

Hi Guys,

Just spent a good hour reading through your blog, and i am all to familiar with the problems that you have experienced along the way. There is always a spanner in the works, and there are new challenges that need new solutions.

I am not a big believer in polywell fusion, but I wish you luck.

I hope you guys see some neutrons before your bubble detector expires ;)

Steven Sesselmann

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